The sand touches my toes

As people lay on the beach and doze.

Oh fun summer days

I hope this joys will never fade.

Friends gather together

As they swim in the hot weather.

Oh fun summer days

Please stay and never go away.

Teenagers sleep all day

As parents work hard to get pay.

Oh fun summer days

All I want to do is rest and play.

People travel the world

To escape the crazy whirl

Oh fun summer days

Please never let me leave this phase.

Photo Credits: Google Images

Written by

Katelyn Potyondy

Katelyn Potyondy, junior, has always enjoyed writing and reading. She particularly loves writing poetry for The OLu MUSE. In her spare time, Katelyn dances in Advanced Dance at Orange Lutheran and outside of school at the Elite Dance Academy of Orange County. She has danced since the age of three and practices around 25 hours a week. Katelyn can’t wait to be part of the MUSE staff for the second year. But most importantly, Katelyn always strives to work hard and put God first in her life.