Once upon a time, some time ago, the teenage love story wasn’t just for show. But today we have cellphones and other fine things that stop us from allowing our true feelings to be seen. The blame doesn’t go to the creators or the advancers, but to the society who abuses the product it asked for. Instead of talking in person, we communicate through screens, to protect our egos and shield our insecurities. When you see another soul react to what you say, it might make you rethink what you were about to relay. When you watch the emotion light up a person’s face, I guarantee you’ll want to put down that Wildflower case.

FaceTime is not a substitute for having that person near you, for being with each other is how they really hear you. Because when you’re together, there’s no going on pause. The interaction is now, so you’re forced to embrace the flaws.

How did we let a romantic gesture go, from showing up on your doorstep with flowers to posting a shoutout to be seen by your followers. The people that follow you just so you follow them back—they don’t care about you, they’re just keeping track.

How did we go from being so scared to say “I love you” in person, to texting it automatically because he’s your #1 bestfriend on Snapchat?

Do you really mean it, when you text those words?

If you had to say it out loud, then it would have to be heard.

Is this real love or what we’ve turned it into?

A modern day romance, in love with the idea of love. We’re in love with the glamour, we’re in love with the show, but we’ll never realize what we’ve let go.

Photo Credits: Google Images