Lately, the discussion of Generation Z’s perverted culture has come up a lot. Many Americans have remarked on the downward spiral of our society as a whole. Apparently, this up-and-coming generation is coated in a mirage of disapproval. It’s troubling to me to watch our society dismiss the post-millennials as foolish because of the common demographic.

That demographic, being the few outliers in the teenage to the young adult mix, appears to have fallen in love with booze, sex, and the stereotypical rebellious phase. All over the media, youngsters are seen as immature without a care. But that’s not fair.

As a member of that corrupt culture, I asked, “Why then, are we just so much worse than the generation before us?” and “Where did we go wrong?” These questions stumped me and my brain stubbornly quit and gave up. Then, one wild night in Newport changed my whole perspective.

See, it’s not like this generation, attacked by the elders of society, are sinning and making mistakes that have never been done before. After all, look at the history books full of wars and conflicts; were they entirely perfect? No, not at all. These ‘wise’ elders were obviously not fully pure, so why are we so much worse than them? The answer, quite simply, is social media.

For example, when that student inexplicably recorded the horrid acts at that party in Newport, did she realize that video would be the grounds of her expulsion, public mockery, and death threats? No. She didn’t. She was just taking a video for her Snapchat, albeit a terrible one.

In the ‘good ole days’ things like this never happened, according to most. But how do we know? We don’t. Because there was no social platform that could notify each and every person of all wrongdoings. So you see, this light that has been shed on our ‘terrible generation’ has only been shed because of the exposure social media takes out on us. Next to our grandfathers, we all look terrible, because all of our actions are saved forever. These few mistakes, though entirely unacceptable, give our whole population a much darker tone than necessary.

Something you say can be private. But anything texted, recorded, Snapchatted, DM-ed, or monitored will be on social media forever. Nothing electronic will be deleted, therefore proving social media to be the most secret weapon of all.

Ironically, Generation Z’s greatest stereotype is defined as our developing addiction to technology. Otherwise known as the iGeneration, most 14 to 24-year-olds appear to be glued to a screen constantly. In fact, culture sees youth as the tech savvies of society, which in many cases is not far from the truth. The point being, Generation Z is the first to be influenced by the worthwhile effects of technology, but they most definitely are receiving the brunt of punishment for it. In other words, Generation Z has been backstabbed by their own obsession.

Something to ponder as well is if social media is bringing to light all these evil actions, how many scandals are occurring that is not monitored by social media? What else is happening that is so awful and gross, but nobody knows about it? It’s those things that make you wonder if social media is causing the accidental exposure, what other scandals would we find if we actually looked for them?

There is so much evil turmoil lurking in our everyday lives. How much of that is exposed by media? And how much remains to be revealed?