Who are you? 

Please, just let me see

Cause I have no idea who I am 

But maybe if you told me who 

I could finally be  

Originality, you see

It’s not really my specialty 

I’m a mixed-up jumble 

Of everyone and everything 

A great muddle

Of what the world wants to see 

But really

I don’t know who I’d rather be 

An astronaut?

A lawyer? 

A keeper of bumblebees? 

You pick 

It makes no difference to me 


Someday I’m going to be somebody 

And I’m afraid 

That if I spend all this time 

Having been nobody 

The somebody that I am 

Is going to be very different 

Than the somebody 

That I’m supposed to be 

So, please 

Tell me 

Who are you 


Even better 

Who am I supposed to be?

Photo Credit: https://kinhost.org/ 

Written by

Hannah Van Essen

Hannah Van Essen, junior, loves reading and writing. She is particularly excited to further her own creative writing skills this year. Hannah’s favorite piece of literature is the novel Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. She is currently the Assistant Director of OLu’s King Author and anticipating a fantastic premiere.