By Gwen Ma

When you think of a magician what comes to your mind?

An enigmatic old man with a grizzled beard,

who can turn a watermelon into a tiny bird?

A frivolous young man in a black suit,

who can pull a bunny out of his hat?

But this magician I know is nothing like them,

for she surprises me more than anyone.

Opening the closet,

I find loose jeans now fitting me perfectly,

Old-fashioned clothes I never wear becoming trendy,

Clothes that got dyed in the washing machine transforming back to their original colors.

And more surprises await me as I look further inside my closet.


Who made my heart flutter with a magic wand?

I see now.

She sat there on the couch,

sewing my dress with a needle in one hand,

holding up my jeans close to her glasses with careful awareness,

and washing my dyed clothes over and over again,

rubbing the dye away…

I ran toward her and locked my arms around her in a tight hug.


Thank you for being my magician.

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