Growth is very interesting. Look at a tree, look at you, look at your bones or hair. Look at your faith. It takes a tree three years for it to be close to four feet out of the ground. If you want to count the year a tree is, you have to cut it down, but you then see the rings of time the tree has accumulated. You grow hair and you become taller. You grow. Bones can be spongy or dense, dense bones have a similar set up to trees, in that, they both have important information or use on the inside. Something that can not be seen. The bone has an osteon, inside is the Haversian canal that has nerves and helps with growth. Two things that have vastly important parts of their function are hidden. They are protected and they aren’t visible to the eye but they have importance. Growth is happening without the eye seeing it. You eventually see the end product but without taking the intentional time you will miss the gradual growth. Nobody notices hair growing unless you don’t have any and its there one day, or if the opposite happens. Our hair is like a bone or a tree, it has circular layers that show its health, sensitivity, and growth. The medulla is the innermost section of your hair, it is the strength and it is the part that has cells that are alive. Our cells protect the part that keeps our hair healthy. Without the protection of our inner parts that are valuable, we would no longer be safe.

I feel like God created the earth similar to how he views our hearts and relationships. God cares about the heart. The heart is hidden, hard to get to, but valuable. How the earth, the different objects I mentioned are, seems to be a representation of God’s relationship with us and how we interact. The foundation and inner being of us is the substance and importance. Growth happens in all living things. Our relationship with God, if it is alive, grows and is living. It needs to be nourished, invested in and taken care of. How we take care of things around us to help grow can reflect our relationship with God. God has a plan, we go through seasons, nature and our life with God reflect the order of time and what happens when we are interacting with God.

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Isabella Jackson

Isabella Jackson, junior, is excited to be a part of the Humanities Academy. She plays tennis and is part of the missions program at OLu, both of which she loves. She has always enjoyed writing as well as reading, but she vividly remembers struggling with it in middle school. She was nonetheless interested in English and especially loved her sophomore English teacher, Mrs. Perez. Humanities is a place where art, literature and the history of those subjects come together, and it is always amazing when the things one loves come together.