Leaves crash down to nature’s floor

Their time on palm trees brought great bore

Evolution from green, yellow, red, brown

The branches they once dangled from begin to frown

Back to school sales clutter store windows

Anticipation for classes quickly grows

Students come back to school in the masses

The once endless summer days morph into math classes

Football games fill the Friday nights

Just as Halloween brings children the frights 

Jack O’Lanterns at each door, there for the guests to get meet

Each of the kids all dressed up to leave with a treat

Cinnamon burning candles consume each room

Spiced lattes come back with a boom

Pumpkins filling every single patch 

Pinterest worthy pictures are the current catch

Autumn winds turn the temperature to a crisp

Warmth is restored with sweaters of yarn wisps

Plaid coats have their homecoming into the season

Fall fashion remains the best for a reason

The weather has changed it is sad to see

But, Fall has finally arrived bringing much glee.

Photo credits: Pinterest

Written by

Laine Hourigan

Laine Hourigan, junior, has always found a love for both reading and writing. She loves semi-autobiographical literature as it shows readers the life of the author while still allowing for imagination to run its own course. Her favorite book is Pay It Forward written by Catherine Ryan Hyde. Laine is involved in both swimming and water polo. In her free time, she manages to find herself back in the water as she enjoys going to the beach and being around family and friends. Laine is very excited to develop her writing skills in order to use them in her future career.