Earthhood: To Trace Our Story of Earth Protection 

Earthhood is an environmental club that was co-founded by seniors Yushuo Ding and Jocelyn Li at Orange Lutheran during their sophomore year. Ding coined the unique name “Earthhood” for this organization because, in her mind, Earthhood is an inclusive place of all the brotherhood and sisterhood and neighborhood on Earth. “We’re all a part of our earth community,” Ding says, “Also, doesn’t it remind you of the Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood? It sounds badass.”

According to Ding and Li, their original intentions upon the birth of the organization are to advocate the website through social media. Meanwhile, purposes of the website are to track their progress and influence in environmental protection as high schoolers, to educate and to prove to people with their own actions that Earth conservation is not something that only “scientists” can do, and to raise more awareness about good eco-friendly services and sources of information. 

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According to Ding, the club started out with 16 members, most of whom are their peer high school students. However, Ding and Li began to notice that members are procrastinating and putting off the works they are responsible to contribute to the club as members. Realizing that it is not going anywhere, Ding and Li decided to take a step back and do a rebranding to their club, and they focused on the website rather than social media, transforming Earthhood into a personal journal of their findings, activities, and general progress they have made for the Earth protection. Currently, the primary activities they are engaged in include writing summaries of credible, informative articles regarding the most recent environmental issues and improvements, blogging the services they have participated in, and writing about the research they have conducted in their leisure time. 

“To track our impacts made in environmental protection as high schoolers”

As it is stated in the headline of their website, Ding and Li are two of the many guardian angels of their Mother Earth, but they only hope that more people can see what they are doing for the better tomorrow of the Earth and influence this embracive Earth community in which we are all dwelling together.

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