When we countdown the seconds on December 31 of 2019, we say goodbye to many things. Some good things. Some bad. Some we are glad to be leaving behind. And others might be a little harder to let go of. For most of us, we will be saying goodbye to the decade of our childhood. 

Ah. Our childhood. Some of us may laugh at the memories of running through the front yard sprinkler, half-naked. Others may grimace at the journals you remember writing as a child, pages suffocated with paragraphs of that one boy or girl (let’s be honest: we’ve all been through that phase). But we won’t forget the things that have impacted us the most, good and bad. Maybe it’s saying goodbye to a pet you’ve had for so long. Or going to your idol’s concert and having an unforgettable experience. Each thing, each person, each event that you have been apart of has shaped who you are today. They have all prepared you for this very moment. 

As 2019 comes to a close, we reflect on our lives so far. Everything feels only a short while ago, but some things are not what we thought. Think of a movie or item, and look up how long it’s been since it came out. That alone will blow your mind. It’s hard to look back, but it’s harder to look ahead, into the unknown. Leaving the past is scary. It’s all we know. But the future holds so much more for us. 

So we say goodbye to our 3DS’. 

Goodbye to kids menus (ages 12 and under).

And goodbye to the original iPod. 

Goodbye to ‘Dynamite’ by Taio Cruz.

We say goodbye to 2019.

We say goodbye to our childhoods… And thank you.

Photo Creds: Giphy

Written by

Daelynn Lopez

Daelynn Lopez, junior, loves to write, as she believes it expresses things actions may not be able to satisfy. She participates in Creative Worship and runs Cross Country. One of her favorite books is The Art of Racing in the Rain because it gives a different point of view of the human race.