I remember you.

Bones and Eyes and blood and teeth and muscles

Your Hair was like mine.

It was thick and dark and smooth, but it was shorter

I was within you.

They were my bones. 

They were mine and yours

We shared the pain,

The body.

Your fingers twitched like mine.

Your legs they walked like mine.

Your hands they carved our body into ribbons.

All of yours was mine,

Not all of mine was yours.

I pushed and howled and thrashed and bled and beat you.

I take on both our pain, the light it charred my flesh before I loved it.

The light, the pain, the joy, the life, the body. 

I stood the best I could.

I held you in my arms so I could heal you. 

And when the light,

Put me on my knees,

What hurt me then rose out in calm dominion. 

I loved you when you left bruises on my throat.

I loved you when you slept.

I love you now and forever. 

Photo Credit: Medium

Written by

Aaron Almeida

Aaron Almeida, junior, has always needed a creative outlet, and since he sucks at art, writing is a great way for him to do that. He enjoys writing poetry and creative pieces, although pieces based on his hobbies also interest him. When Aaron isn’t doing homework, he likes listening to music, skating, biking, and sitting in his room alone. He enjoys partaking in cardio based pain, more commonly known as cross country. Aaron’s favorite book is The Road by Cormac McCarthy.