It is an interesting idea that with every new invention the human race is rendered more and more obsolete.  Every innovation in the world takes away a skill once held by people. Every modern day convenience can be boiled down to a laziness that constantly encourages the world to make our lives more simplified.  Even when disregarding technology, there is still an expectancy that things should be done for us in the modern world.  

A slightly less obvious innovation would be coffee machines.  Instead of knowing how to actually make coffee, it’s so much easier to throw a coffee pod into the machine and automatically have a fresh cup.  Inventions meant to encourage growth end up leaving a void in our knowledge. Cell phones replace actually memorizing or knowing phone numbers. Food delivery replaces eating out or picking up meals. New ideas replace ingenuity. 

What do we have to gain from others’ simplification of our lives?  Maybe we can trust the quality of something that would be better than whatever we create ourselves.  We are unfortunately still hindered by never knowing. This seems to prove that innovation itself sets the human race up to fall into the pit of laziness, and yet it is deemed necessary.  

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