The mission for my blog, OhSoAnnie, is to inspire sustainable fashion in the closets of Generation Z. However, this time, I have been inspired by someone else: Maya Clausman and Ellie Tolan, two young entrepreneurs who decided to design their own form of producing sustainable options in the community by creating Violet Visions Thrift. 

I reached out to Maya to gain some insights on Violet Visions and hopefully provide you guys with inspiration to make change too! Violet Visions Thrift is a consignment pop-up store that restocks once every month. Maya and Ellie decided to create their brand during a thrift trip to San Diego where they found themselves neck deep in amazing finds and wanted to develop their closets while sharing the wealth. Clausman shared that their mission is to help both boys and girls find “affordable and reusable pieces that won’t go to waste on the earth.” What better way to inspire a community than to provide literal evidence of how easy sustainable shopping can be! She also shared that “sustainability is the best way to go” because buying a “quality piece that won’t fall apart before you even get the chance to wear it” is worth the switch. The fast fashion market has convinced it’s audience that the need to update one’s closet for 12 different seasons is imperative, and that expensive and quality clothing is unnecessary. However, clothing from Forever 21, H&M, and Zara is low quality and forces consumers to buy triple the clothing to compensate for the poor quality, ultimately increasing the carbon footprint. Vintage clothes were made using timeless techniques and materials, which according to Clausman, “proves their longevity.”

Upon entering the make-shift boutique, one can find piles of pieces inspired by Ed Hardy, Abby Lee Kershaw, and Drew Barrymore. The pieces are handpicked and tagged with insanely low prices as well! From baby dresses, tees, and boots, to bags, overalls, skirts, and knits, Violet Visions Thrift has it all! Ultimately, their goals include creating a website, providing a larger men’s selection, and increasing their following. Both Maya and Ellie have a passion for style and erasing the carbon footprint, as well as a desire to inspire their friends! 

I love seeing change in the community and look forward to seeing Violet Visions Thrift grow exponentially! Don’t forget to follow them on Instagram (@violetvisionsthrift) and keep your eyes peeled for next month’s drop!


Photo Credit: Annie Buda