Sunlight shined through the dusty, cracked windows once the spacecraft descended onto Mars. I glanced down at my hand to notice myself covered in water that had dripped down my body. My crusty eyes opened with a touch of my fingers. I looked over to notice the water bottle that was next to me exploded due to atmospheric pressure. I could not recount where I was, and I viewed the spacecraft land itself on the dusty Martian land from a distance. I ate breakfast and quickly smelled a strong, acidic smell through my nasal passages, so I depressurized the spaceship.  

Quickly, I grabbed one of the decayed space suits to go outside. My brain rushed with thoughts as I began the descent from the spacecraft, thinking about how I would explain all of this to the people residing on Earth. I took a quick look at the rocky terrain; I decided to head back to the spacecraft to rest for a long day tomorrow. I woke up to a gorgeous sunrise that poured out of the window, and decided I would start creating a farm to have extra food. I received a call and picked up to see a black screen with no answer. I shut my laptop and in despair, ran back down the stairs outside and started farming.

The wind felt cold and pushed air through my dusty spacesuit, making my skin tingle due to a rapid temperature change. After farming a great deal, I patted myself on the back as a sign of my accomplishment. I started cleaning up my area and headed back to the spacecraft to prepare myself  dinner. I began walking up the stairs and heard the integrated spacecraft assistant say, “How was it?” I told her that I enjoyed developing on a martian planet and she silenced herself. I opened up the cubby near my bed and pulled out a sealed bag of mac and cheese. The mac-and-cheese smell made my mouth water and nose tingle. I put away the trash, then looked out the window and realized that I had lost track of time.

Photo Credit: SpaceX