“Try not to think,” the YouTube video says.

That, in itself, requires thinking. Seriously, who comes up with these?

Every day, I dread the moment I finish my homework and have to sleep.

I get ready for bed and drag off my throw pillows.

I prepare myself for the challenge that approaches me.

“11:47 pm.”

Everything is going good, until it isn’t.

An itch, a pointless tangent, a ringing in my ear.

Wait, did I do my theology?

Distractions come wildly.

Silent as the night may be, my mind is still too loud.

Am I drifting off?

No, I’m definitely still awake.

“12:34 pm.”

What have I been doing for nearly an hour now?

Okay. Relax.  

If I fall asleep in six minutes, I’ll have exactly six hours and ten minutes of sleep.

Even I know that that’s wishful thinking. 

I know the only way to fall asleep; it’s as simple as it is challenging.

It has to happen naturally- there is no trick to it.

I simply have to let it happen.

“1:02 am.”

My stress levels have skyrocketed.

I’m going to be so tired during school tomorrow.

How could I be so fidgety and restless? 

I’ll never get enough sleep. I give up.

…What is that beeping? 

“6:50 am.”

I pull the covers off and begin my morning.

The ongoing battle resumes tonight.

PhotoCredit: The Boston Globe