(Day in the Life of a Dancer)

I slip my toe pads over my blistered toes and pull my pointe shoes over my feet. Fear begins to well up in me, making me feel as if I can barely breathe. This is it, opening night, I have been preparing for this moment and role practically my whole life. I put my earbuds in to block out the chattering people backstage; I take a deep breath and close my eyes. My brain begins to wander and I think of all the what if’s: 

‘What if I fall out of my turn? ‘What if I slip and fall?’ ‘What if I forget a step?’ ‘What if my costume breaks on stage?’

Negative thoughts begin to flood my head. Immediately I try to turn the negative energy into excitement to perform. I look around me and see my teachers and friends, know that I can do this and a new strength fills me.

The first strum of music fills the theatre and my heart thuds against my chest. I clasp my hands in prayer to thank the Lord for the opportunity to perform and ask for my performance to bring glory to Him. I anxiously await on the side of the stage and finally, I hear my queue to go on stage. As I step outside of the curtain the lights wash over me and all my nerves fall away. Pure joy fills my soul as I express myself through the art that is my passion. 

Performers, particularly dancers, must overcome the emotion of fear each time that they perform on a stage. As a performer, we express our own vulnerabilities to the audience through movement. 

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Written by

Katelyn Potyondy

Katelyn Potyondy, junior, has always enjoyed writing and reading. She particularly loves writing poetry for The OLu MUSE. In her spare time, Katelyn dances in Advanced Dance at Orange Lutheran and outside of school at the Elite Dance Academy of Orange County. She has danced since the age of three and practices around 25 hours a week. Katelyn can’t wait to be part of the MUSE staff for the second year. But most importantly, Katelyn always strives to work hard and put God first in her life.