See, the strings of my bow

Have been plucked to a stick.

The candle sinks the fire’s glow

And death is brought upon the wick.

So, as for me,

Reacquaint myself to the likeness of my own.

And, as for me,

Better be it the dead skin rots from new bone.

Proud Father, 

My souls for you to take!

No other, 

This covenant we keep shan’t break!

Mind you the covenant, I pray;

The second one I’ve never had.

So night goes up 

And dawns its dusk in day,

Recall the sentiments

Who kept me a slave to sadness. 

Arrest my chains

And meld them with the basins of hell.

For you, my love remains where

I wait for heaven in which I’ll dwell.

Sever the ties

That bonds me to shame.

And resplice in me the chords

Who bear love’s name.

So now is the time and glory

To enjoy God’s gift to the flesh.

I’d rather it be a single story

Which, for earth-time, is forever fresh.

Photo Credit: Paige Heaney

Written by

Paige Heaney

Paige Heaney, sophomore, has loved creative writing since she was very young. Her works primarily take form in poems or fiction. A blank piece of paper is like an untouched canvas to her, where she depicts vivid images with words instead of drawings. She also enjoys reading, especially S.E. Hinton’s books such as The Outsiders and Rumble Fish. Aside from reading and writing, Paige loves making memories with her friends and family.