please forgive me

for i can’t take this anymore.

your inconsistency is driving me insane.

you care for a split second

but turn your back a few moments later.

please forgive me,

for even though i smile,

all i want to do is scream my heart out

because sometimes your blatant lies

are too much for me to simply let go.

please forgive me

for even i have a breaking point.

though it is rarely ever reached,

you certainly make an exception . . .

an unhealthy relationship

photo credits: pinterest

Written by

Anna Moeller

Anna Moeller, senior, has enjoyed writing ever since elementary school. Joining the Humanities Academy has allowed her to further develop her love for writing as it is an outlet for her to express her thoughts and emotions. She specifically loves to detail life experiences that others can connect with and find comfort in. In her free time, Anna loves to play music, journal, browse Pinterest, and grab coffee with friends.