Roll the stones


Roll the bones.

Be what may 


May what be?

This little life I live 

Is nothing short of insanity.

This little light I give

Is nothing short of heavenly.

So night goes up

And dawns its dusk in day,

So sight goes up,

My soul, for You, to play!

Deem me as Your own,

The weapon from Your hand.

And keep me as Your own, 

Sifted through like salt and sand.

And I’ll go to bed a daughter,

And I’ll wake up a woman.

I was born from my mother’s water

And resurrected Yours chosen.

Just as You’ve pursued the one

Who strayed from the ninety-nine,

So you found me, Your redwood, 

Among a family of pines.

And I find no pride

In how my trunk is black,

And how my leaves are grey.

But You’ve filled me from the inside;

By Your Spirit I’m in no lack,

And I’m nourished by light of day.

Photo Credit: Paige Heaney

Written by

Paige Heaney

Paige Heaney, sophomore, has loved creative writing since she was very young. Her works primarily take form in poems or fiction. A blank piece of paper is like an untouched canvas to her, where she depicts vivid images with words instead of drawings. She also enjoys reading, especially S.E. Hinton’s books such as The Outsiders and Rumble Fish. Aside from reading and writing, Paige loves making memories with her friends and family.