It’s been an extremely long year for all of us. I know from personal experience that this pandemic has made it awfully hard to enjoy things the way we once used to. But, slowly things are returning to some sort of normalcy. Here at Orange Lutheran, that means sports, having everyone on campus, and last—but certainly not least—the performing arts opening up. Specifically, the end-of-the-year Broadway show.

So far this year, the choirs at Orange Lutheran have had to make do with pre-recording songs. Students in choir have had to record themselves at home performing their parts, which would later be stitched together to create a virtual choir. It was only recently that we have been allowed to record together and even then it has been socially distanced. However, it has been made official, there will be an in-person Broadway show this year though this is not without restrictions. Only a fraction of the audience will be filled, as there are limited tickets available in order to properly comply with social distancing practices. In addition, while there will be three shows like usual, each has a different focus.

In previous years, the Broadway show has been the exact same set in the exact same order each night. Now, the first performance, which is on Thursday, May 13th at 7:00pm, is focused around Honors Choir, Honors Performance Dance, Concert Choir, and Intro to Dance. The second and third performances, which are on Saturday, May 15th at 2:00pm and 7:00pm, focus on Honors Choir, Honors Performance Dance, Honors Women’s Chorus & Musical Theatre Dance. In all honesty, it is crazy to look back and remember how performances used to be in light of what they are now. Nevertheless, I am grateful for this chance to perform. Through the diligence of the Orange Lutheran choirs, there will finally be an on-campus performance for choir.

Broadway, here we come!

Photo Credit: @olusingers on Instagram