The start of the school year is a time for new beginnings. This year more than ever, as Orange Lutheran students return to campus ready to start their classes in a way they could not last year. This is especially true for the performing arts department at OLu, specifically choir. Last year, the only large concert the performing arts department held was the end-of-the-year Broadway show. And even then, the theater was at a fraction of its capacity, with more tape blocking off seats than audience members. But still, I am grateful that we had the opportunity to perform at all last year. It was a bright moment in an otherwise dark year.

However, this year is off to a much better start. In fact, Orange Lutheran’s Honors Choir and Creative Worship Team were able to perform at the Darryl Strawberry Event on Wednesday, September 8th. Being in the theater after a long summer is always enjoyable, but this time it felt like a privilege. My personal favorite moment came at the end of Honors Choir’s last song “Total Praise.” The music and our voices swelled together, rising steadily higher and higher. And then, silence fell in the theatre as our voices ceased in unison. At that moment the only sound that could be heard was the echoing of our now silent choir. But that too was short lived, as we came back in full force to finish the song and put an end to our first performance.

And there is definitely more to come. Our Fall Concert is in October, and the Christmas Concert will follow closely behind in December. I am certain that the tone established at the Darryl Strawberry Event will continue throughout the remainder of the year. And with a year packed full of exciting events, there definitely will be no shortage of performances. If we are really lucky, we may even be able to forgo masks whilst performing. But until then, I am glad to be performing at such a scale again. Choir is officially back!


Photo Credit: @jlstew on Instagram