Gasia Karakesis ’21

Her bittersweet aroma

Blooming into my senses.

The smell, the taste

Of the lavender and floral essence

Seeped in the scorching hot water.

I moved the stained white porcelain cup

Up to my lips

As I slowly sipped the tea,

The tingling feeling

Of the piping hot tea

Made my upper lip numb.

As I placed the teacup down,

I dropped in a white sugar cube

And stirred the tea

With my clear glass spoon

I sipped and sipped the tea

Until every last drop was gone.

I placed the teacup down

And reached for the red roses

In the vase in front of me

I gently picked up a rose,

Ripped the petals off,

Until the table was covered

In fresh rose petals.

I took one petal,

And pressed it underneath

My grey eye bags

To dry my tears.

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Written by

Gasia Karakesis

Gasia Karakesis, junior, is on the OLu swim team and swims year-round. She loves to draw, listen to music, and read. Her favorite book is Call Me Zelda by Erika Robuck.