Oftentimes high school students don’t have time in their day to read—and if they do, they aren’t reading for pleasure. Like most other hobbies, the hardest part about reading is getting started. 

When we were younger, reading was something that we had to do, whether that be silent reading time carved into our school day or a reading log our parents had to sign. Reading became something we only did because we were told to; it created a feeling of obligation, rather than something we look forward to. Breaking down that feeling of obligation is how someone can learn to love reading again.

It is easy to say we don’t have enough time to sit down and read a book. Life is busy, but replacing time spent scrolling through social media on our phones with reading a new novel is a difficult, yet necessary, first step. 

Reading has seen a resurgence in popularity––its unplugged nature makes it an easy way for people to detach themselves from the internet. With a generation so heavily influenced by technology, taking time to sit down and read a book is hard to do. However, reverting back to our youth and reading has been such a rewarding experience for me, and I hope you can experience it too. 


Photo Credit: Pinterest