When music is brought up in conversation, so are age-old debates on which genre is inferior to the rest. Despite there being no set answer to the age-long question, my personal opinion is that country music is the worst music genre out of the forty-one genres in existence.

Many people may disagree with me, but I stand by my belief for several reasons. For one, all country songs use the same exact three instruments, the guitar, banjo, and drum. Such repetition of instruments does not allow for much variety among country music (Avila 1). The constant reuse of the one country tune always leaves me, as well as many others, feeling annoyed and  sick of the genre after hearing country songs on the radio. In particular, the repetitious tune of country music irks me because as a musician, the same tune being played over and over again is not only frustrating, but also boring and mundane.

Instrumental variety is not the only repetition of country music, as the topic of many country songs also revolve around the same topics. Whether you are an avid listener of country music or even just listen to the occasional song on the radio, you might have noticed that all American country music revolves around the same multiple topics  (Avila 1). Some people may find the constancy of the genre nice and soothing, but I find it infuriating — even if the tone is absolutely impossible to modify, the topic is not.It can be changed from the same three recycled topics. 

I could go on for ages on why country is the worst music genre, but the bulk of my dislike can be summarized into the repetition within all country songs. I can bear with a few repetitious songs, and I enjoy a couple country songs; however, the extreme reuse and recycling of those two main song components makes it impossible to like and appreciate the genre.

Photo Credit: Cmuse

Source: Avila, Robyn. “5 Reasons Why Country Music Is Actually the Worst.” Odysseyonline, The Odyssey Online, 24 Apr. 2017