A memory: such a simple concept yet so abstract as well. What are memories? A portal to the past? A door to the long forgotten? A glimpse at what was and might never be ever again? 

Memories can be the gateway to the melancholy, joyful, or regretful. Memories can lead to so little, yet so much––accessible with a mere thought. A memory is a million miles away, but simultaneously right beside you. Memories can come in many different shapes and forms, sometimes invoking unrecognizable emotions. 

Your memories are your closest confidante, a friend who knows your every secret, yet will never tell a soul. In a way, they are closer to you than family being with you since your first conscious thought and never once leaving your side, dependable and reliable even in the demanding times. 

Yet, within that good is also the bad, and the dark unforgettable past that never leaves a person. While the good memories are often fleeting like the wind, the bad ones stick for eternity; sharper than thorns with twice the sting.

Memories are your best friend, but also your worst enemy––the finest dream, but also the worst nightmare. A memory can be so many things, yet so few. Lying deep within the uncertainty, however, remains the stark reminder of a past never forgotten and a day never left behind.

Photo Credit: Clipart Library