If you have walked into any grocery store in America, you’ve probably seen orchids in the floral department. These flowering plants are everywhere, invading stores and homes alike. Although orchids are lovely to look at, their beauty is diminished by their constant volatile state. These plants do not keep well and don’t respond kindly to any harmful stimuli whatsoever. I would go as far as to say that they are poor houseplants in general, as the heartbreak of losing such a pretty plant is crushing. Thus, I would argue that orchids are one of the worst plants that someone could have due to their temperamental nature and how easily their flowers succumb to death. If you want to purchase an orchid, you would probably be better off choosing a different plant. 

As an avid plant lover myself, I have owned and subsequently killed several orchids over the years. It always starts as an enjoyable affair. You pick up an orchid from the supermarket and marvel at its colors on the drive home. This delightful exterior, however, hides the true nature of orchids. For one, orchids will most certainly die if they are watered incorrectly. Many orchids will shed their beautiful flowers if the plant is overwatered, which provides little room for error, and the plant is unforgiving of mistakes. Any casual houseplant-enthusiast would most likely not be prepared to keep up with the plant’s rigorous demands. The orchid requires an unreasonable amount of attention to stay alive; even if you have a prodigious green thumb, neglecting the plant for even a few days could cause irreparable damage. This unstable nature is one of the primaryreasons why orchids are one of the worst flowers to try and keep alive as a houseplant.

Orchids also require special treatment such as specific fertilizer and misting the leaves with water or an orchid spray to stay alive. These are not things that the average plant parent would instinctively know; if one were to purchase an orchid without knowledge of these care conditions beforehand, they could lose their plant very quickly. Oftentimes it is not the whole orchid that dies, but just the flowers. Without proper care, the orchid will begin to shed its petals, and soon you’ll be left with just a hardened stem and a leaf or two to remind you of your failure. Most other plants and flowers do not have this fragile nature. So, foregoing purchasing an orchid in favor of a much more resilient plant is the best course of action.

Indeed, there are a plethora of great alternatives to fulfill your houseplant desires. One such option would be the pothos, which are astonishingly low maintenance. Not only is it near-impossible to kill a pothos plant, but their luxuriant leaves make it a gorgeous addition to any interior. Purchasing one of these plants––or any other indoor plant––is a much better substitute for the orchid.

I know that most people may not have an opinion on plants at all. In reality, you may just be encountering this subject for the first time. However, I hope that you can acknowledge how unpredictable orchids can be, and can recognize that buying one is a bad idea. And if you ever feel the urge to buy an orchid, suppress it and save yourself the money, and give the plant a chance at a good life without you!


Photo Credit: www.orchidweb.com