Day to day families step into the spotlight, believing themselves to be the picture of a perfect family. No secrets in sight, until they are extracted and are exposed for the kind of family they really are. Dirtying up their facade of perfection are the lies they use to try to fool others. They are on display for all to see; these lies aid in tricking people into believing that the family is flawless. The true identities of these families are underground and hidden. Hidden under the depths of the soil, seemingly invisible, almost untouchable. Out of the view of others until they are pulled up from the ground. These lies leave behind holes, empty caverns from where they once lay. The surrounding area is left drained of the color that once lay there, any prior vividness uprooted. Unlike their bright portrayal, real families keep their secrets above ground where anyone can see them; instead of burying their imperfections under layers of dirt, a truly faultless family keeps their has nothing to be hidden. 

What lies underneath the skin of a potato is unknown until it is peeled back. A protective layer of skin is able to deceive people into believing what one wants them to believe. This front of perfection can hide the truth of what lies underneath. Stripping away the protection of the shell, a family’s true identity is revealed. Leaving the safety of the space they once lay in, doomed to be noticed and gawked at. The once perfect family, doomed to be forever remembered as the family of liars; their carefully constructed facade of lies torn down.


Photo Credit: Pinterest