How to Write a Flash Fiction Story

What is it? How long should it be?

Very short fiction (made up stories) that pack a punch, 350-700 words

What does it have to have?


Use strong imagery (paint a picture for your readers)–use color, the five senses, and 

Stick to one key moment and Limit the number of characters 


Choose a distinct POV—like a first person narrative (Write a story from the villain’s pov)

Don’t use a human as your main character or narrator—maybe a shopping cart or a circus elephant

Start with action, end with finality—your ending doesn’t have to be abrupt

“The true story of…” 

Write what interests you

Use S.T.E.A.L.

Website to help 

How to build character        Prompts to get you thinking        Pinterest “Writing Prompts”

Steps to writing…

  • Plot out your basic storyline
  • Write without worrying about anything but telling the story
  • Edit, edit, edit
  • Focus on making your main character as relatable/believable as possible

Flash Fiction Inspiration Board

Inanimate objectCinderellaForest Battling the self
animalTime TravelSpace stationMan v man
Mythological creatureMysteryHistorically relevant pastMan v nature
RoyaltyDay in the life“Not too distant future”Man v force greater than self
Angsty teenIt was all a dream/flashback“Not too distant past”Man v science/machine
“Average Joe”Fairy TaleCircus Man v society/social norms
A.I.FuturisticDesert Man v fear
Misunderstood villainHappily ever afterBig CityConflict of interest
Musician/PerformerDamsel in distressParisRelationship conflict
The Sidekick no moreMisunderstood villainSailing vesselInner conflict
Retired heroEnemies have to uniteSchool Family conflict
Witch/WizardOvercoming a fearMansion Wealth v Poverty
PirateGo against the normPrisonHaunted by the past
SpyThe SacrificeWar Painful life lesson

How to Write a Nonfiction Piece

What is it? Based on fully true (like a biography or journalism story)

How long should it be? (350-700 words)

Major elements…

  • Accurate
  • Descriptive
  • Authentic
  • Based in truth 
  • Works Cited Page/Reference Page 


  • Pick a topic that is often misunderstood or misrepresented (ex: Koalas are not actually friendly) and then do some research so you have facts to support your angle. 
  • Take something you love (Physics) and tell us why it’s awesome but tell it like the story of why it’s awesome
  • Tell it from a distinct POV
  • Use research or cited facts to support your storytelling

Steps to writing…

  • Research, make a list of facts
  • Plot out your basic storyline
  • Write without worrying about anything but telling the story
  • Edit, edit, edit
  • Focus on making facts into storytelling