This past school year has been a hectic one, filled with ups and downs and changes every turn. From wearing masks to not wearing masks, and from being hybrid, to being in school full time, each month offered a new development and this year as a whole was a welcome change from the troubles that COVID heralded. This entire year was filled with countless memorable experiences, so it is best to unpack it by semester. On the athletic side of semester 1, OLU football won CIF Division Two championships; this year was also the pioneering year of the OLU esports program which won league championships as well. On the student life side, there was the fall musical of the Adams Family as well as the Operation Christmas Child packing party. The normalcy that gradually returned in the first semester was fully realized by the second semester, when OLU theater did a production of Mamma Mia without masks, which was a huge hit. On the sports side, all the athletics performed well with baseball having a close to perfect win record as well as boys lacrosse making it to CIF playoffs. There were countless more things that happened during the 2022-2023 school year, but there are too many to name. The key takeaway is that school has fully returned to normal and we can all go on summer vacation looking forward to a full normal year for 2022-2023!


Photo Credit: Pinterest