The athletics program at Orange Lutheran has a dual purpose: making strong athletes and strong believers. The athletics program at Orange Lutheran works with and for its athletes to push them towards excellence, in and out of the weight room, exhibiting Christian values and respecting their athletes while also balancing motivating them to be their best. As an experienced Orange Lutheran athlete, I have an insider’s perspective on the coaching staff in the weight room and their dedication to improving us as people and making us stronger at the same time. 

Coach Bubba Reynolds is the Director of Sports Performance at Orange Lutheran and he works vigorously in the weight room to improve athletes and spread the love and strength of Christ. Through his instruction and example, he challenges and provides us with constructive criticism to motivate us to be the best we can be as both believers and as athletes. Coach Chase Sanders and Ryan Nyugen were both recent additions to the coaching staff, but nonetheless still do an amazing job. Chase has found quick favor in athletes with his positive attitude and sense of humor, while Ryan is a constant support system to athletes. Their love of Christ shows in their work and commitment to our improvement. The athletics program at Orange Lutheran has mastered the art of making strong people with strong Christian values, and it shows through the amazing coaching staff. They’re always there to give you a high-five, pat on the back, or teach you how to do an RDL. 

Photo Credit: OLu Athletics Instagram

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Jordyn Gallegos

Jordyn Gallegos, senior, loves the humanities because it’s so fun to see everyone’s different writing styles. She is excited to serve as Co-President of Humanities this year. In her free time, Jordyn likes bonding with her soccer and flag football team or hanging out with her cat.