I am worn out

My sole purpose is to cater to the needs of others 

I am burnt out 

I am expected to be there for everyone and their mothers 

I desire to bail out 

I’ve been stuck in the same spot forevermore 

I am worn out

People constantly stomp on my floor 

And my lights are burnt out 

People slam their hands on my buttons 

And before I can get to know them they bail out 

My music is annoying and never ends 

I wish I had a purpose rather than elevating 

Being an elevator is incredibly aggravating


Photo Credits: Google Photos

Written by

nardine metry

Senior Nardine Metry loves and is extremely passionate about the Humanities Academy! Her favorite part of the academy is the fellowship and community of other students who also love humanities as much as her. In her free time, Nardine loves reading, rewatching the tv show Friends, and hanging out with her family.