In case you were unaware, the world we live in is quite scary. On the news we hear so much about rape and kidnappings, 

to the point where we’ve become ‘experts’ on it. For example, it’s almost common knowledge that women are more likely to be

abducted and or raped than men, as we‘ve been made aware that overwhelming amount of abductions involve female victims. We hear almost daily how people were caught off guard and taken away. But sadly most of us will brush it off and say, 

“That could never happen to me”. But what if it does? Are you prepared? What would you do? 

Let me ask you this, do you have a pair of practical running shoes in your car? Ones that are easy and fast to put on—reliable enough to carry you for a while? No? Then please do so. There are a lot of things you can do to be a little extra prepared for those situations:: having pepper spray, traveling in groups, being alert and aware of your surroundings, etc. A pair of shoes in your car may seem random to add to the list, but it has a purpose. 

One of the most ‘popular’ situations for abduction has to do with your car, whether that’s in transit in or out of the car, walking back to your car from the grocery store with arms full, gas stations, leaving your house from your driveway, or coming home from a long day of work. So… anytime you’re relaxed and preoccupied near your car, you’re vulnerable. Basic anatomy informs us that, yes, men are often biologically stronger than females, so in situations where a female may be abducted and or raped, trying to fight might not be the wisest answer. However, running away may be your best bet. This is where the extra pair of shoes come in. 

Is someone going to have a more successful attempt at escape in stilettos, flip flops, slip ons, flats, OR tennis shoes? Probably tennis shoes. Obviously, this isn’t a “Wait sir, I need to put my shoes on before you try and take me” situation, so being cautious and aware of your surroundings is so important. When you’re in your car and you get this uneasy feeling in your gut about where you are, the people outside, or just feel unsafe for whatever reason. That’s why the shoes are there, an option for you to turn to, just in case you are in that situation. Trust your gut, put the shoes on. Just in case, there’s no harm in changing your shoes, but there could be if you don’t. It’s better to be prepared for the worst and have everything be fine than to be unprepared and become another headline in the news—another tragic story added to the long list of evidence that our world is falling apart.

Stay safe, and, please, put an extra pair of running shoes in your car. 


Work cited: Murphy, B. 2022, October 1-2. Ladies Pistol and Self Defense Awareness 

photo credit: Hailey Spencer