Don’t you think you’re too dark? Put on sunscreen; it’ll keep you paler.

But the people here get spray tans to be darker?

And don’t eat– you don’t want to be fat; after all, everyone diets.

Aren’t you supposed to love your body no matter what, and not all 

bodies are meant to be tiny?

And oh, those eyelids of yours… you should get double-eyelid surgery on them after you graduate!

I liked my eye shape… What’s wrong with them?

It’s a shame your nose bridge is so low. Massage it so that it becomes higher.

Will that even work?

And suck in there, you look fat. And don’t wear that, it doesn’t suit your Asian complexion. And you need to stretch more. And slim down your thighs (because back in Asia, everyone’s got thin legs from walking everywhere). Actually, I’ll send you this article– it was some makeup tips for your face type. And for heaven’s sake, blonde hair doesn’t suit you.

Open the compact mirror you bought back in summer of ‘17. Look at yourself, and make sure your mascara isn’t all over your eyelid (really, you should consider eyelid surgery).

I look. My mascara is smudged. 

Dang it.

Why am I not good enough? 

The mirror cracks, a little bit at a time. 

Fragment. After. Fragment.

Too ugly. 


Picture Credit: Tumblr, Artandoddities