By: Nardine Metry 

Maria hated her birthday and she especially hated her birthday party. While she loved getting cards and sweet notes, the attention was too much for the little girl to handle. As she woke up the day of her 6th birthday party- feeling more anxious than ever- she talked to her best friend, Jessy, about all her worries. 

She talked to Jessy about how she couldn’t decide on what to wear. She asked Jessy how she should style her hair. She expressed her worry to Jessy about whether her friends would consider her birthday party fun or lame.

Throughout the entirety of the birthday, Jessy remained by Maria’s side, and any time Maria was nervous, or anxious, or stressed, she would whisper to Jessy for help. Jessy was her crutch.

And so Jessy remained Maria’s best friend everyday, even long after her 6th birthday party. 

Whenever she didn’t get along with her friends at school, Jessy was there. Whenever she couldn’t fall asleep because of the monster under her bed, Jessy was there. Whenever she got in a fight with her parents, Jessy was there. At the end of every day, Jessy was always there. Until one day she wasn’t. 

On that day Maria was faced with reality and her best friend was no longer there. Jessy was merely a figment of Maria’s imagination. She was Maria’s innocent creation in order to calm her anxiety. 

Although Jessy was never physically present, she supported Maria throughout the struggles of her everyday life. So now that Maria is an adult, she still finds herself turning to Jessy, her imaginary childhood best friend to deal with the stress of her everyday adult life. And Maria will always hold a special place in her heart reserved for Jessy. 

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nardine metry

Senior Nardine Metry loves and is extremely passionate about the Humanities Academy! Her favorite part of the academy is the fellowship and community of other students who also love humanities as much as her. In her free time, Nardine loves reading, rewatching the tv show Friends, and hanging out with her family.