I do not know who I am, or what I am to be

To be a ruler, or to be a fool

The one who leads walks upon the tears 

Cried by the thousands, those who once were,

Buried in the walls, lost among the wars

Each soul remembered by me alone

Alone standing, blooming marigolds 

The cherished mentors, free leaves in the wind

Torn pages from the mind, I despair

The stars keep your name, I shout thine 

Unheard by all, fades the last light of day

Still I am tumultuous, yet unheard by all

Under the devouring dark, I bring thee Chrysanthemums

Upon the falling snow, the boundless white 

My heart frozen, unable to thaw

Others I turn to in hopes

I ask the query I hold, longing for truth

“Who am I? What am I to be?”

To be a ruler, or to be a fool

The answer, neither of them

“Why be anything when you can be nothing?”

To not be, to ascend above anything 

To be nothing beyond what and who

Overwhelming relief, I breath in lotuses

While I walk the dark halls, I hold a light inside

The flowers bursting, life renewed

Gardens full of violets, lavender, and hyacinths

I rest among their fragrance

“Am I a ruler or am I a fool?”

The crown has no meaning, the gold has no value

“I am nothing.”

That is the truth

“I am anything.”

To not be is to be

To be nothing is to be anything 

Written by

Bella Bass

Hi, my name is Bella and I like to write stuff. Writing fantasy and scientific fiction is my go to but I also like historical fiction (basically anything fiction). I also enjoy reading and drawing (both digital and traditional). I look forward to contributing work to the Muse and exploring new topics to grow as a writer. :)