If your answer to that question is one, I would recommend that you get online and start learning. You don’t have to be fluent, but you should at least know some basic key phrases in another language. 

Language is one of the most complex aspects of human life. It’s easiest to learn as a child, which is why most people who are fluent in multiple languages learned them when they were very young. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible for older children and people to learn more than one language. In fact, it is still decently easy to learn, especially if you’re still a teenager. 

In California, we require students to take language classes, so everyone should at least know a bit of a different language. This is vital, as anyone who wishes to travel in the future will have to be able to complete basic communication. Google Translate is a great tool, but there’s always a chance that there won’t be cell phone signal. If nothing else, you should at least make sure that you know how to say “How do I get…” in case you get lost, or “Where is…” to get directions. A great and accessible tool for most people is Duolingo, an app that is free to download. With a bunch of different languages offered, you can test out as many as you want until you find one that you like. 

In an ideal world, everyone would be at least conversational in at least two languages. Being bilingual opens up opportunities in life, allowing you to pursue jobs that would otherwise be impossible, and also allows you to experience more cultures fully and expand your horizons. 

Overall, language is one of the most divisive aspects of life. If you can understand some else’s language, it opens up the world and provides many more possibilities for you in the future. So, keep this in mind next time you’re doing your Spanish or French homework and are tempted to use Google Translate!


Photo Credit: Freepik