It has its up and downs

Whether good things happen or bad

There is no such thing as a bad life

Just bumps in the road

Life is filled with choices 

You never know if you make the right one

Through the years the past is filled with memories

Let regrets go

The past is the past

Today is the present

There is no time to waste 

That is why there is a need to cherish moments

Time for the next chapter

Turn the page

Choose to end the tale with happily ever after


Photo Credits: 10 Steps on How to Write the Next Chapter of Your Career | by Karen Brown Tyson | Medium

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Hi my name is Bianca Martinez. The things I enjoy to do is art, writing, and reading. I also love music as I played Clarinet for 7 years. I’m also the only child. Lived in California my entire life. My favorite subject in School is English. Overall I like to do writing.