Thinking of her future, the caterpillar began to dream, 

with all her friends, thought of the design of each wing.

She was beyond excited and couldn’t wait to beam 

with bright colored wings to carry her every spring.

Each day she contemplated the color, the flight, 

all the beautiful things she could have one day.

To bring it closer, she fought with all her might,

and hoped the future would start rushing her way. 

But she started to think about the difficult path there,

The cocoon she would have to build and endure

She always knew of the hard work, to be fair, 

but wished she didn’t have to be a butterfly anymore.

Almost without warning, one by one

All her friends went off, each building a cocoon.

she stayed there, indecisive, missing the fun

because she feared a beautiful thing coming too soon.

One day, she will have—or get—to be a butterfly

with the strength and freedom of her wings.

But until that day comes, she’ll just lie

and say she’d rather contemplate other things.

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Written by

Christa Chane

Christa Chane, senior, enjoys expressing her creativity through music and writing. In her free time, she likes to paint, sing, and spend time with friends and family. She is involved in Ambassadors, peer tutoring, and the STEM and Humanities Pathways. She is looking forward to exploring her passions through different writing styles this year!