In 2010 the NCAA officially acknowledged beach volleyball as a collegiate sport. Since then, the sport has taken the collegiate athletics world by “sport,” with the first NCAA Division 1 championship just four years later. The sport is now offered at the D1 level at 334 colleges nationwide. In recent years, high schools have jumped on the beach volleyball wagon, adding it as an official sport. In 2022, Orange Lutheran was one of them. 

In 2022, OLu had its inaugural season of CIF beach volleyball. A mere 20 girls were a part of the team as they learned the ropes of the sport. Since then, the program has grown to 30 girls, all committed to the culture and growth of the sport. 

Sophomore blocker Jazlynn Fu has been a part of the program since its inaugural season. She said what she most enjoys about beach volleyball is the freedom. Being played with just two people on the court, players must build deep bonds and communication methods with their partner, and this is what makes the sport so special. High School beach volleyball is a growing sport nationwide that Orange Lutheran is proud to be a part of.

Photo Credit: OLu Athletics

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Malia Yehya, junior, has been a writer for the Muse for two years now. She is an avid writer and athlete who looks forward to serving as managing editor this year.