My first reflection after four years of high school is that one should live with no regrets. More specifically though, you shouldn’t regret any of the choices you make.

For instance, let’s say you had a big test coming up but there was a concert for your favorite band the night before, which one should you choose? If you went to the concert, but failed the test, you’d regret that. However the opposite could also be true if you chose the concert. Either way, you cannot make a perfect choice and you have to lose out on something. Even though there is no winning scenario though, it is ok.

Life is filled with difficult choices and oftentimes there is no perfect solution to your problems. What I want to emphasize though, is that you should let your regrets go, so you can live life to the fullest. You can’t be truly happy if you are always shouldering the burden of “what if”, wondering which choice is the perfect choice. I spent a lot of time with that problem and can honestly say, all that worrying you might be doing is a waste of time. 

So stop worrying about that thing you missed out on, because no matter how much you anguish or worry about it, it will never come back. The only thing you can do is continue living your life like before. So live with no regrets!

Photo Credit: bostonmagazine.come