Kindness. A two syllable word. Simply put, it means being friendly, generous, and or considerate. With over eight billion people, how many of them are kind? More or less than those who are not? Less. Why is that? Why is it that people are so quick to choose cruelty over kindness? You don’t have to go out of your way to be kind, but you do to be cruel. It takes more effort to be a jerk than to be a good person. 

Think about it this way, what requires more: a hug or a punch? A punch which leads to pain, bruises, and a butt load of consequences. What requires more: a small compliment or a fight? A fight which leads to screaming and yelling and internal wounds and scars cut open and exposed. Now yes, some acts of kindness do require more work than others but wouldn’t you rather work hard to be a better person or work harder to be a terrible one?  

It seems every day people’s first instinct is to be callous and not compassionate. And when one chooses to fall prey to such instincts, it benefits no one. To make the continuous decision to be selfish and mean to a fellow human being is like going up and stepping, stopping, on their shoes and on their feet. It’s out of the blue, unnecessary, and it tends to sting more than one would expect.

Don’t step on other people’s shoes. Walk next to them, hand in hand as neighbors. And said in Mark 12:31 “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

Photo Credit: Hailey Spencer