It digs in my skin

An urge to succeed

For all that I win

And never concede

To fail is a sin

It’s a bursting need

An itch that burns at my skin

The obligation to exceed

To never just begin

To work until my hands bleed

While others procrastinate with a grin

This is a demand I have to feed

To do everything at a speed that wears me thin

Anything that earns me the lead

The desire burrows deep within

For a victory that must be guaranteed

The thirst for achievement makes my mind spin

It is an ache from which I can never be freed

Photo Credits: “10 Thoughts On Overworking” by David Limrite

Written by

Abygail Durdella

I’m a literature lover, and an eager writer. From interviews to fictional writing to scientific articles, I’m ready to gain more experience for my writing.