By Miller Hitzke

As I continue to work on this series of articles through interviews and other research, I still have many questions about my topic of interest. I picked this topic, “finding one’s passion,” to help me find my own passion. There is so much uncertainty as I continue to try and look deeper into my future. A lot of that uncertainty is in my control, as maybe if I can figure out what I’m genuinely passionate about, I can start my path into that field. In many cases, people already know what they want to be from a certain point in their youth or teenage years. Many have already decided they want to be a doctor, teacher, or business worker. Why spend years dedicating your time and money to learning about a specific field you couldn’t care less about? I wish to avoid that, but I have no clue what I would want to do. 

How much time do I have left? Whether that is on this Earth or to make that decision. There is so much uncertainty in this world, with nothing being sure and no way of telling when something might happen. So, how long do I have? In reality, it’s just a ticking time bomb, one where I can’t see the timer. I have no clue when this decision has to be made. Some say before you head off to college when you declare your major, but you can just as quickly change that significantly, and almost 80% of people change their major at least once. If so, do I ever need to make that decision? Is there truly a deadline?

Is there a right choice? Many people will go on to do great things, but that’s not the majority. In reality, many will go on to do little to nothing to impact the world in the grand scheme of things. Yes, they might affect many people, but their chances of playing a role in our world are slim. The chances of those impacted going on to change the world are near microscopic. So, is there a correct choice in what I want to do with my life? Why spend years and years studying and pushing myself for something that many won’t remember in the next century?

Will I ever make this decision? Building off the last two questions, will there ever be a time for me to make the right decision? The only answer is no answer to any of these questions. There is no way to tell if something is the right choice or time. And as someone who tries to think out every detail about big decisions and constantly overthinks, who knows if I will ever make this decision. Only time will tell what will come of me and my decision. 

As I look back at these three questions, of the many I’ve thought about, these seem to be the ones that come up the most. Many other questions seem insignificant or a branch of one of these three questions. I have no idea what I will be and who I will become. Nobody can say, with 100% certainty, that they know those things about themselves. They might have some drive to achieve something and work for it now, but they can just as quickly drop it all, give up, and maybe move on to another passion. My journey so far has taught me a lot; though I haven’t found my passion yet, I do know a small handful of things: we can’t take our lives for granted–travel and see the world–there is no problem with having a plan B, and, most importantly, you should have goals and dreams, and you should chase them with your total effort.

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Miller Hitzke

Miller Hitzke, senior, loves the humanities because of the relationships he has built with his classmates through it. He currently servers as the Co-President of the Humanities Pathway. When Miller does have free time, he can be seen playing rugby or football, reading, watching movies or TV, or enjoying some nice bread. He is also a fan of his two Christmases, sarcasm, and a good joke.