“Are we there yet?” I questioned.  

“No, we are not there yet. Now just sit back and stop asking that. Please?” Jason begged.  

I pouted in my seat and sighed. Sinking lower in my seat I started playing with my fingers.  I looked over at Jason to see him looking intensely at the road before him. I got an idea and a smirk found its way on my face.  

“Jason?” I questioned.  

He sighed, “Jess if you ask me one more time . . . ” he trailed off.   

I giggled and took a deep breath, “Are we-”

I was cut off by the screeching of tires, and then a sharp pain ran up my side. The windshield shatters along with my window, the shards of glass digging into my skin. I let out a blood-curdling scream as the car was tossed on its side.  It was silent. I couldn’t see. I couldn’t hear. I couldn’t feel. My ears were ringing. My vision slowly returned, and I realized I was sobbing uncontrollably and calling out for Jason.

I turned to my left to see Jason’s lifeless body bloody and burnt. I sobbed and screamed, I started to feel something hot trickle on my leg. And I realized, the car was going to explode.  

I clawed at my seat belt, and finally it released me, I looked over at Jason and choked back my sobs. I had to be strong if I was going to save him. I fumbled with his seatbelt trying to free him, his head moved slowly. He stared right at me, his bloodied lips moved to form what could be his last words.  

“Jess, leave me . . . ” he said weakly.

I ignored him focusing at my task at hand. Finally, I managed to free his seatbelt. I looked up and started to pry the door open. When I finally got it open, I went back to Jason.   

“Jess . . . please . . . ” he cried.

I grabbed his arm, hosting it around my neck and pulling him up. I held him up as I crawled out of the door suspended in the air. The metal burned my skin, making me cry out in pain.  I hoisted Jason up through the door, I struggled to get him down. The best way out was to jump, so I jumped down and cried out as I hit the floor with Jason landing on top of me.

I pulled him away from the wrecking, struggling and crying the whole way. I crawled on top of him shielding him from the scalding flames as the car exploded. I screamed as the fires started eating my skin away, but I couldn’t move or Jason would get burnt. So I stayed and continued to act as his shield. I was in so much pain, I looked at Jason’s broken face and cried. I placed my lips on his, leaving my last love note, as the fires ate away at my skin and clothes.

Rolling off of him, I watched as the world went black, and the world fell away.      

A bright light.      

I was floating.     

I was free . . .