Here’s the deal. Am I an introvert? Yes. Do I hate crowds? Also, yes. But do I dislike concerts? No. I love them! This might seem like an utter example of hypocrisy on my part, and you might be right to make such an assumption. However, there is something about the liveliness of concerts that makes me feel so at peace that I can’t help but fall in love with them.

This brings me to the night of January 30, 2019 when me and my lovely friend embarked on a magical journey to the Santa Ana Observatory to see the band Hippo Campus perform. When we arrived, I instantly felt so ecstatic and overjoyed as we made our way into the dimly lit space, surrounded by hundreds of people eager to hear the band play.

Now, I must clarify that my taste in music is not mainstream and, hence, is not the most popular among my fellow classmates. So, if I am ever so fortunate enough to come across anyone with even the slightest liking towards my taste in music, I feel as though we have connected on a deeper level than one could not possibly get out of a simple surface level conversation.

The concept that I find truly beautiful about concerts is that everyone shares one thing in common: the love of the same music! This brings a sense of connectivity and raw vulnerability to the atmosphere, because everyone in the room has found, in some way or another, significance in the lyrics of the music being played, is like sharing a little bit of your heart with those around you.

There is no better moment that encapsulates this feeling of connectivity more than when the audience joins in to sing with the band. Towards the end of the performance, the lead singer of Hippo Campus sang “Suicide Saturday,” a song which talks about “maintaining a healthy relationship with yourself” while also trying to find balance with society. Though an extremely upbeat song, the lyrics hold a deeper and more significant meaning that can be applied to teenhood and trying to find yourself through the ever changing circumstances of life and the process of growing up. These profoundly insightly words could be vividly heard from the lips of hundreds of complete strangers who were united through the universal message of the song and how it plays in their lives.

This heart-warming occurrence depicts how music can break barriers down and transcend all boundaries. It brings people together and connects them in a way that seemingly nothing else can. And as an introvert, I know that in today’s society, this connectiviness is something that is genuinely hard to find and therefore, I think truly exemplifies the beauty that is a concert.

Photo Credits: Anna Moeller