My second reflection after my four years of high school is that you have to make the most of your opportunities. Oftentimes I hear people say that they don’t want to talk to a teacher because it’s too embarrassing or they don’t want to do something because none of their friends are doing it. I’m telling you now to leave all those second thoughts behind because if you don’t take every opportunity possible at OLU, you will be wasting your time.

Now some of you reading this might already take advantage of every opportunity, and that’s great. However, not everyone does that, and while it is completely a personal preference on how you want to spend your time, I think it is a waste to not at least participate in some of the many activities OLU offers.

For instance, OLU offers a plethora of sports from football to esports, and has five specialized pathways for students of every subject. From leadership teams to volunteering clubs, there is an activity for every person and no one will be left feeling unfulfilled. It is true that those activities can just be a way to pass by time, but I think they have far more significance than that.

I have made many good friends from the numerous teams I was a part of and have learned countless things I would have never been able to learn by just going to class. Participating in activities also provides a foundation for college and beyond because no matter where you go, you can find someone to bond with over mutual like (or dislike) of an activity. 

Ultimately, it is the bonds formed and life lessons learned that will follow you for a lifetime, not the math equations you learned in calculus. So participate in activities and make the most of your opportunities!

Photo Credit: Google Images