I stand at the precipice

looking down upon man,

all I see is blood and bile 

while bodies are trampled as 

senseless societal slaughter 

is portrayed as okay

by those claiming they want to 

protect our country, 

November 19, 2022

improve our country,

May 25, 2020

revert it to the great nation it once was,

February 14, 2018

but it was never great

it’s been broken since the beginning

As I peer beyond the atrocities in front of me

I see three-fifths of a man crawling 

amongst the ashes of his freedom

blood dripping, leaving a trail that follows

wherever he goes

I avert my eyes and

I see a wall of stone crumbling 

gaseous tears and unearthly screams

haunting it, as bricks and pennies and bottles

are hurled like slurs by 

innocents fighting for their right to exist

my gaze shifts once more and 

I see a mother, her baby 

enthralled in the songs she sings

while her feet bleed and sorrow 

overtakes and consumes

her song

her home

her people

as they walk the road of repudiation 

the baby begins to cry

my eyes dart from one atrocity to the next,

faux-sympathies and passive voices

make false promises

that ring in my ears as my knees buckle

and collide with 

the mountain I stand upon

it begins to crumble

the facade

the beautiful, the great

it fades like old paintings

and the truth is placed on display

photo credit: Bob Strong/Reuters