Sticks and stone may break my bones 

But words will break my confidence,

Words will break my trust

Words will linger in my head until who I am becomes who I was 

They say words won’t make me bleed

That words won’t scrape my knees

But words will make me touch rock bottom

Drowning in my tears 

Created seas

I was a child when I first started being bullied 

The words started out small 

Children being children 

They say I wouldn’t remember it after all 

But words are like tattoos permanently engraved on my being

Because words become beliefs 

Once you’re forced to start agreeing

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Hi my name is Bianca Martinez. The things I enjoy to do is art, writing, and reading. I also love music as I played Clarinet for 7 years. I’m also the only child. Lived in California my entire life. My favorite subject in School is English. Overall I like to do writing.