in this world, 

the stars, moon, and planets 

cease to exist— 

nothing but  

inky blackness swirls above the night sky 

i wander 

drifting aimlessly,

completely and irrevocably alone 

with the knowledge that this world,

my world, 

is unlike anything else 

within this world, 

i crave to see—to visualize

and yet, blackness engulfs 

and swallows 

and devours 

i pine for what could have been;

to see constellations glisten 


a sheen of sweat 

dripping upon my brow 

and witnessing 

nothing but


i pine for my missing memories, 

of my childhood, 


before death could greet me 

with his open arms 

i mourn quietly


and still, 

silence greets me 

clasping my hands, caressing my face 

oh-so sweetly


I embrace its hands 

I embrace the “could have been’s”

and I move on

within this world, 

in the ether, 

I am devoted, wholly 

and irrevocably, 

to the present 

I cherish the little moments 

and I dream as 

the velvet blanket of darkness 

soothes my darkest memories 

and kisses my brow tenderly 

in my world, 

there is darkness that muffles and mutes

and strangely enough, 

i can’t help but feel 


there is beauty in the nothingness. 


Photo Credits: Fred Wilson

Written by

Eliana Jeong

Eliana Jeong, senior, enjoys reading, writing, and watching plays/musicals. She does archery competitively and also plays the cello. She looks forward to delving deeper in her passion for Psychology and Political Science. She is the co-president of Diffusion, and hopes to learn more about the world of Humanities.