As she took the first bite, the s’more was delightful:

Crispy on the outside, warm and mushy within. 

The marshmallow was soft—gooey even.

She had liked that about it: everything seemed to be held together 

It was sweet and delicate, a nearly perfect combination

The hot molten marshmallow and cool chocolate 

seemed to blend together into one as she took another bite, 

eager to eat but not wanting to finish. 

Soon, she realized there was a fine line between golden brown and burnt marshmallows

and a distinction between the s’more she wanted and what it became. 

She tasted the pure sweet, molten goodness

but discovered–just a few moments later–the charred aftertaste. 

It may have been delicious, but its flavor left an uneasy feeling. 

Much like the relationship, it was good while it lasted, 

but the sticky marshmallow didn’t only hold things together; 

it seemed to linger for what felt like forever. 

Not until she ate the whole s’more could she discover his faults. 

The excitement and flavor passed away, leaving her with nothing

but the burnt taste and the residue of molten marshmallows on her fingers. 

She tried to enjoy every last bit of it to discover it did nothing but lure her. 

So she brushed her teeth, washed her hands, 

got rid of any heartbreak that stuck to her. 

It wasn’t the right one, she thought, as she finished her s’more 

and contemplated reaching for another.


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Written by

Christa Chane

Christa Chane, senior, enjoys expressing her creativity through music and writing. In her free time, she likes to paint, sing, and spend time with friends and family. She is involved in Ambassadors, peer tutoring, and the STEM and Humanities Pathways. She is looking forward to exploring her passions through different writing styles this year!