The more you try to let it go,

The more you feel like they do owe.

When you stare at them with concerns,

The urge itches and burns.

Looking into friendly eyes,

Thinking how between you and them nothing lies.

Over and over the voice speaks for itself,

Stop bringing torture to yourself.

It is not a big deal,

You tell yourself with a squeal.

It is only a twenty dollar bill!

But with a shaking head and longing gaze,

I could have gotten Starbucks for days and days.

Photo Credits: Google Images

Written by

Gwen Ma

Gwen Ma, senior, has a passion for writing fantasy-adventure novels and poetry. In her free time, she enjoys creating artwork and shooting photographs. Gwen wants to major in Communication and Media Studies in college because she is interested in learning how media influence our lives. In summer 2018, she got a chance to be an assistant journalist at a local newspaper in Beijing, China. That special experience gave her more insight into media-related professions. Gwen believes that writing expresses her emotions and bonds her with the people around her. She likes to read ancient Chinese poetry, and one of her favorite books is East of Eden by John Steinbeck.